Toprank Shatter Review: Fire Type Extracts Sour Diesel Shatter

Uploaded by Toprank in Uncategorized on Feb 17, 2013

Toprank reviews and has a session with some Sour Diesel Shatter from Fire Type Extracts. He picked up this shatter from California Patients Association in Santa Ana, CA. Its always cool to see new wax maker’s errls sampled and reviewed. Does it get a “Top Rank”?

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SAY SOMETHING! 9 Responses so far

  1. Jz1990 859 days ago

    Lol @ PrincessOG

  2. PrincessOG 860 days ago

    to the gold expert urs is prob lower quality oil

  3. Mr_DabMaN 896 days ago

    i really like your vids now man

  4. Mr_DabMaN 896 days ago

    or someone in their crew

  5. Mr_DabMaN 896 days ago

    that Firetype brand stuff is made by one of the cc420 guys i believe..KushfacedToph?

  6. GoldExpert 896 days ago

    50 for a gram of oil is a lot. Most I have paid is 25 but Oregon is a land of plenty. Ha

  7. scarykids 897 days ago

    Nice review, good music! Always digging the Rebelution!

  8. evandabs 898 days ago

    toprank, mah man, lovin the reviews, but yo i hate to see u pay 50 bucks a g for soso oil. man learn to make your own, yes it does take time to master it. (ive been doing it for 2 years and done over 1000 extractions, and yet only over the past few months could i say ive mastered it). but man. u can get 2grams of the most tasty potent honey off of just simply 10 grams of bud. i personally do 10g runs of bud every 3 days or so. (just to maintain what i need so it doesnt sit out too long and lose flavor, im a fan of the honeycomb, and after making both honey and honeycomb, i can say that honeycomb has a MUCH better flavor profile and smokes better, but yes doesnt stay fresh as long, which is why i do 10g runs every 3 days. but yea man. main point of this comment is to share the knowledge and love man. you should look into making your own concentrates, you appreciate it more and know what is going into your oil.

  9. Herowalker 898 days ago

    your killing it with the reviews, but it seems like the 50 a gram fire is going away at cpa..