Throwback Video – Chubbs Having A Fat Session With The Dabbin’ Death Chopper

Uploaded by Chubbs in Uncategorized on Mar 30, 2013

I only use it here and there for obvious reasons but the Dabbin Death Chopper may just be the coolest oil rig I own.

Not only does it look deadly, it hits like a beast thanks to the natural perc system in the cockpit.

Nate From Euphoria killed it on this one for sure.

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SAY SOMETHING! 7 Responses so far

  1. Danjvintge 797 days ago

    A helicopter doing the job it was designed for, getting people high … Since real helicopters fly up in the sky and all. ;) Very nice thats a display piece for sure

  2. ThaiChe 827 days ago

    Chubs major ups for the song choice. N.E.R.D is awesome

  3. InCronicWeTrust 827 days ago

    would be better if it was a dome, still a sick piece none the less

  4. Quizy 828 days ago

    Also..yeah priceless look when you thought you broke that ten thousand dollar piece :(

  5. Quizy 828 days ago

    Lol stock droid ringtone is def cnot classy lol.. Change that done! Oh yeah the dab in death chopper is the bees neez :)

  6. Stickypurp420 828 days ago

    i missed that beast!!!!!

  7. wildbill 828 days ago

    it was nerve racking when you had rested on your chest. ”hands free!”