Concentrate Review: Catnip

Uploaded by Herowalker in Uncategorized on Mar 05, 2013

Herowalker with a review of the Catnip wax he picked up from California Patients Association in Santa Ana. If at first you fail with the dab… recover and try again.

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SAY SOMETHING! 9 Responses so far

  1. ERED420 848 days ago

    chill vid man……..might need a new nail possibly ….stay up man !

  2. Herowalker 848 days ago

    thanks everyone for watching

  3. Herowalker 848 days ago

    @mr_dabman I know , I need to get a new one asap!

  4. dabby710 848 days ago

    clean your piece homie

  5. Mr_DabMaN 848 days ago

    no heat retention on that TI man, that nail cooled real fast! time for a HE nail ,maybe?, nice vid man!

  6. BlazinAlberts 848 days ago

    It's okay to smile..

  7. AZconoMED 848 days ago

    keep it pimpin hero

  8. AZconoMED 848 days ago

    thats whats up we missed right at the same time lol made me laugh

  9. MACVISHION 848 days ago

    Lol word enjoying your vids a lot lately hero keep em coming cookig videos from Bakedvishion coming soon =D