The Dro Show Purple Kush Snap

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Featured, Glass, Reviews, Strains on Jan 16, 2013

Celebrating the 49ers over the Packers This is a nice review and snap session of some fire Purple Kush from Charb. – Enjoy, Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 18 Responses so far

  1. Blaze4Days 823 days ago

    Nice vid man!! Keep em comin!

  2. imaburnt69 849 days ago

    deff looks like sum gdp

  3. Vinnynaps 852 days ago

    I dont think you know ure weed that aint purple kush thats Grand Daddy Purple

  4. bong_girl 853 days ago

    very niice vid man

  5. Master_Zac 857 days ago

    Damn, That looks really good.
    Must have been tasty as shit.

  6. charb 857 days ago

    @Quizy I was thinking that same thing! I had beed experimenting with my water levels XP but when I exhaled I thought to myself "Gee i'm pretty sure there should be a lot more smoke". I'll try and get another video on here with some different glass and such! But thanks all for the comments and get ready for the Falcons to get smacked by the 9ers Sunday!

  7. Jerry 857 days ago

    That bud is dank but it looks a lot more like GDP than Purple Kush

  8. Trayah 857 days ago

    I'm feelin' the 49ers this year for the Bowl. I'm still recovering from the Broncos loss…

  9. HumCoast 858 days ago

    The bud's super pretty, I could go for a longer close up, when it focuses it's nice. Big hit was cool.

  10. Quizy 858 days ago

    To me it looks like you got way too much water in your beaker.. maybe im wrong? Seems like that hit shoulda milked harder.. not talkin trash just seems like alot of water!