Super Silver Haze Review

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Featured, Reviews, Strains on Jan 20, 2013

Nice review of the Super Silver Haze strain. This is one of my personal favorite strains. – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 7 Responses so far

  1. ogphene425 923 days ago

    custom creations micro bubbler

  2. DjDerpy 924 days ago

    What kind of glass is that good sir? I know its a slyme style bowl but what kind of bubbler is that and who made it?

  3. ogphene425 924 days ago

    yeah this is the best super silver haze iv picked up. it taste like blue dream on steroids hahah no joke

  4. winger 924 days ago

    Nice bud. I bought some seeds while in Amsterdam from Greenhouse seeds and this stuff made me so damn I am one week out from finishing it for the first time but man this stuff is frosty. I have tried it twice and both times it's pretty peppy stuff. While walking in Amsterdam, I was so paranoid I thought people were going to steal my

  5. K-Budzz 924 days ago

    loading a bowl of this as we speak :)

  6. ogphene425 925 days ago

    i dont really like purple weed

  7. Nadroj 925 days ago

    SSH is a classic… you gotta try SSH x GDP (Silvertip) :D