Strain Review & Wake & Bake: Honey Cocaine

Uploaded by BREAKER in Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Mar 05, 2013

Some people have Honey nut Cherrios for Breakfast, Others wake and bake with some Flowers from the Honey Cocaine strain. Breaker picked up some Fire from NBA (Notorious Bud Association) in Garden Grove.

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SAY SOMETHING! 6 Responses so far

  1. howitisson 810 days ago

    Yeah those nugs are sativa..take a look dude. Anyways there is no strain called liquid and liquid butter are a made up name for tahoe og from the MV crew..

  2. BREAKER 810 days ago

    Oh shit I just realized it had no water wtf! No wonder I was like why is this shit still burning haha stoner mistakes

  3. Rxme59 810 days ago

    Nice bud but I think if u used your carb you would get a better hit

  4. Stimulator 810 days ago

    wake and bake!

  5. narb 810 days ago

    no water????

  6. MACVISHION 811 days ago

    Looks Bombies homie gonna have to hit that spot up when I hit golden St. Nice vid dope nugs