Strain Review: Hendrix OG Review

Uploaded by BREAKER in Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Mar 06, 2013

Breaker heads over to EMC (Euclid Medical Center) in Garden Grove to pick up some of this Hendrix OG. Nice and dense, Musty and danky, how does it smoke? Find out!

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SAY SOMETHING! 6 Responses so far

  1. PurpDabs 848 days ago

    Also, bro how do you taste your meds over all that butane?

  2. PurpDabs 848 days ago

    nice video… daaaaamn you need to clean that grinder.. hahaha sorry im OCD.

  3. 849 days ago

    breaker loves his bud! very rare strain! so cool

  4. PepeLePew 849 days ago

    Wow, when you said dense, you really meant dense!:o

  5. jibbler 850 days ago

    Hehe. Is ‘Purple Haze’ that unknown flavor in the start? =]

  6. jibbler 850 days ago

    Damn, I think it’s time for some grinder kief. lol. That thing is caked! =]