Stoned Society Episode 7 SCPA Reviews

Uploaded by MrCaliMatt420 in Featured, Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Jan 23, 2013

MrCaliMatt420 with another episode of Stoned Society with some reviews from Southern California Patents Association in Santa Ana, CA. – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 17 Responses so far

  1. Gaz_PPG 829 days ago

    Keep blazing brother!

  2. Gaz_PPG 829 days ago

    Hey man, Been following your vids, looking good man, getting way better. I do agree about the sound though man, look into a small time mic ormsomething..

  3. Quizy 873 days ago

    i like your reviews but you gotta fix the sound.. you should look into getting a wireless mic they are kinda cheap man! Anyway great review and was nice to check out the reviews!

  4. WesWighz 885 days ago

    Great vid man. 2 thumbs up

  5. ogphene425 887 days ago

    fuck sc labs there testing isn't realistic

  6. AZMedical 888 days ago

    Cali matt my brotha fellow OG cono keep it up everyday all day fuck the hater we know that for once our generation is standing up for something that good loveing and right with the universe!!!

  7. MrCaliMatt420 888 days ago

    I submitted the video on Sunday it was up on Wednesday.

  8. Ice1017 888 days ago

    Hahah this video had me geeking so hard! Good vid man

  9. MACVISHION 888 days ago

    Hey matt how long ago u submit this how long it take to post ?

  10. djcyberia 888 days ago

    Descriptions of the high are creative. Head filling up with air!!! I want that high too!!! Keep up the reviews Matt.