Stoned Society Episode 6: 4 NUGGETRY Strain Reviews

Uploaded by MrCaliMatt420 in Concentrates, Featured, Sessions, Strains on Jan 17, 2013

MrCalimatt420 heads to California Patients Association and picks up a bunch of meds to do a double flower and double concentrate review of his pick ups. Some great descriptions and close up of the medicine. You can tell a lot of work went into this vid. Good work Matt! Enjoy! – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 21 Responses so far

  1. Vinalmx36 370 days ago

    even when you’re not reading. it sounds like you’re reading off a paper. get a personality.. i dont get how people enjoy this video. on to the next..

  2. MrCaliMatt420 797 days ago

    Part two out soon.

  3. BombGroove 866 days ago

    i dig ur style!

  4. DTRreview 889 days ago

    this is probably the best user submitted series

  5. ShotgunMeL 891 days ago

    I must say, I really enjoyed watching this video.

  6. JGwntworth 892 days ago

    I liked the beginning little driving part so simple but somethin different nice video

  7. LordTHC 893 days ago

    nice vid its like im watching the stoner news report lol

  8. MikeyMang 893 days ago

    thanks matt! keep the video's up!

  9. MrCaliMatt420 893 days ago

    The songs are in order as they played Endless Highway Kottonmouth Kings, I'm So Stoned Slightly Stoopid, Vapors Potluck,I Need A Dab Ed King,Couch Potato Savage C, Smoke on the Water Deep Purple,Hits from the Nail Task Rok, Cali State of Mind Ed King

  10. irie_mountain_rx 893 days ago

    "Blaze on" that was great