StOned Society Episode 11 TerpX and Evil Kinievel Kush from CPA part 2

Uploaded by MrCaliMatt420 in Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Mar 03, 2013

MrCalimatt420 hits up California Patients Association in Santa Ana CA and has a session with some TerpX shatter as well as some of the Evil Kinievel Strain. Enjoy!

This is the 2nd part of MrCaliMatt’s video. If you haven’t viewed the 1st one before this, please hit “next” video above.

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SAY SOMETHING! 7 Responses so far

  1. papinsdan 63 days ago

    buy grade A weed from

  2. papinsdan 63 days ago

    buy top shelf indoor and out door………

  3. RumpWax 753 days ago

    props for throwing some pink floyd in there.

  4. MrCaliMatt420 754 days ago

    Weird that this part 2 has less views then the first.

  5. BombGroove 754 days ago

    sick episode bro!

  6. MrCaliMatt420 754 days ago

    Yeah its my laptop I do it on. You can move the volume up and down and see little difference in the sound.It basically has a high medium and low and I try to keep it in the middle but it messes up sometimes.

  7. BMChronic 754 days ago

    Hey bud – I like the video reviews that you post. If I knew how to edit videos I would upload some of my own haha. Do you know of a way to keep the volume constant throughout your vids? Sometimes your voice drops in & out. Stay high!