Snaptime with Hydro- Snappin in the Fog

Uploaded by iHydroEyez in Sessions, Strains on Jan 23, 2013

Shoutouts and snaptime with Hydro with some fog rolling in. Its like nature’s hotbox.

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SAY SOMETHING! 6 Responses so far

  1. alpha 885 days ago


  2. gmart 886 days ago

    I'm jealous… freezing and snowing where I am

  3. Quizy 886 days ago

    nice little drink of water here!

  4. deadphish 887 days ago

    haha damn you take a long time just to take a hit

  5. iHydroEyez 887 days ago

    @Onceday thanks man! I Herniated 2 of my Discs in my lower back (L4-L5m L5-S1) Riding Dirt Bikes and it pinches my Nerve pretty good, sorry to hear that man its a real bitch :/

  6. Onceday22 887 days ago

    Your video's are amazing! By the way if you don't mind me asking what happend to your back, i broke my sine in three places and can't really do anything sports oriented anymore like skiing and such, cheers.