Snaptime with Hydro- Finally some Cali Flowers!

Uploaded by iHydroEyez in Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Mar 07, 2013

Hydro picks up some Cali Orange flowers from California. Always interesting to hear the impressions of flowers from other states. A nice session and shootouts!

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SAY SOMETHING! 15 Responses so far

  1. Quizy 824 days ago

    That’s that CALI-OHHH!!!

  2. Mrthc_420 844 days ago

    do you have a youtube chanel hydro?

  3. Mrwax710 844 days ago

    nice vid Hydro nice bong too!!Whats up from Cali!

  4. iHydroEyez 845 days ago

    @Vaken hahaha good catch man, his vids are great and i just couldn’t resist XD. Glad to meet another Twoseven fan on here!

  5. iHydroEyez 845 days ago

    @BullDog18 i know this, just sounds better than dealer and its a much more compassionate term imho but call it what you will, i understand what you mean and where it could be Mistaken.

  6. iHydroEyez 845 days ago

    @Vaken hahahaha good catch man exactly bro, his vids are dope as fuck and i just couldn’t resist XD. Glad to meet another TwoSeven fan on here!

  7. Mrthc_420 845 days ago

    hell ya just got some cali buds, def nowhere like cali when it comes to greens and wax!

  8. Vaken 845 days ago

    Beginning reminds me of twosevenboys vlogs… I see where you get that from.

  9. AZconoMED 845 days ago

    Thats whats up buddy see you on the live chat

  10. Schadey 845 days ago

    Man I would love to get real cali bud. I think the bud here in Houston is fire but I haven’t had any other state’s bud besides Oklahoma and New York. NY Sour D was awesome and I’m sure Cali would blow that bud out of the water.