Original Thin Mint Cookie w Kushman4

Uploaded by Kushman4 in Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Jan 02, 2013

An awesome review of the ORIGINAL thin mint Girl Scout Cookie Cut. This strain comes from the Green Door collective in San Francisco. Gives a nice strain background and genetics history of the original GSC. Very cool to see Northern California represent and do so very well! – Dallas

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  1. papinsdan 41 days ago

    Buy best grade A medical marijuana at good prices………..papinsdann@gmail.com

  2. Sauer 789 days ago


  3. WeedAddikL 790 days ago

    The Green Door Frisco is the only place I go. I got KK from Berner.

  4. MrPerfect 791 days ago

    Dope glass , awesome video and great info on genetics. Keep em comin

  5. Phresh 791 days ago


  6. OCLAX77 791 days ago

    @dajointguy… i doubt it

  7. rossroni 791 days ago

    im out in the bay too green door is one of the best collectives

  8. DaJointGuy 791 days ago

    A buddy of mine went to Cali and paid $1000 for a original GSC mother….hope its true.xD

  9. Impulse 791 days ago

    very glad to have kushman4 rep norcal. more please.

  10. KushDegree 791 days ago

    Nice review homie. Stay medicated!