NUGGETRY TV Strain Review: Jack Herer From MMRC

Uploaded by Kushfacedtoph in Reviews, Strains on Sep 20, 2012

Jack Herer is by far one of the most popular sativas available anywhere. The buzz is uplifting, the taste is sweet as candy and the flowers look like little diamond mines with tall shiny trichs covering them.

The only thing better than Jack Herer is well grown Jack Herer. Take a look.


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SAY SOMETHING! 19 Responses so far

  1. dabbadoo5 1012 days ago

    Look at toph hella skinny looking like a completely different dude. way to go toph

  2. kushaholic 1015 days ago

    damnn looks like some dank shit im growing at the moment, some fire! and congrats to Toph on the weight loss, lookin' great bro!

  3. florence 1016 days ago

    So funny how Toph gets all passionate about the sweet delicious smell!!! Love the spindles on the buds and the beautiful carpet of trichomes. Love your rigs and the glass wand. Goodness all around ;-)

  4. phc420 1016 days ago


  5. 420josh 1017 days ago

    Hey another nice review/video again guys keep them coming, so i was wondering though if you guys can give is some info on the medicinal benefits of each strain you review wether it be of flowers or concenctrates, i just think it would be interesting and helpful more so then just knowing the meds get you nice and stoney, anyways not hating just saying but nice video :]

  6. cquirki 1017 days ago

    toph you look like you lost weight?

    I sooooo caught the staring at the beginning (:

  7. nighttoker 1017 days ago

    when is nuggetry gunna have smell o vision?

  8. Jerry 1017 days ago

    The Toph looks like he lost weight

  9. TheUndead 1017 days ago

    Wish I had that fuego!

  10. simon12332 1017 days ago

    How come you guys so rarely do milk and melt shots :( No hate though, of course.