NTV Special: Snaptime with Hydro- Mystery Indica Strain Review [User Submitted]

Uploaded by iHydroEyez in Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Dec 05, 2012

Hydro with a strain review of an unknown Indica strain. Any guesses?


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SAY SOMETHING! 18 Responses so far

  1. BlazinAlberts 932 days ago

    Hydro got to chat Poppin like Mary

  2. ballyhoo 940 days ago

    What's with the annoying static going on with the sound? Clean it up lad.


  3. alpha 940 days ago

    Marination complete

  4. alpha 940 days ago

    great vid Hydro-thanks-as far as shout outs go I think this is the exact reason people esp. the NCC people love HYDROS vids—Now if you dont like them you could fast forward or make ur own awesome vids.

  5. wbryer710 940 days ago

    Huero, ya that makes sense, vacs will usually give it the overtrimmed look, i bet before it was vacced and shipped wherever you are, it was really nice ! it definelty looks alot like an og, but the smell would make the difference in deciding the strain, looks bomb tho !

  6. Huero123 940 days ago

    I think the reason why your nungs are hard because they vacuumed seal it and some when u leave it it gets like that also it looks like alien OG that's my guess

  7. iHydroEyez 941 days ago

    Danknugs why you gotta hate on it bro it Promotes the Live Chat:D

  8. danknugs86 941 days ago

    do u really have to give shout outs to people in the chat room in every video…this isn't high school dude…

  9. OCLAX77 941 days ago

    that looks like either Jupiter OG, or Kryptonite OG. what did it smell like

  10. roadkill 941 days ago

    shit i would go with cat piss as the strain