NTV Special: Heirloom OG Review [User Submitted]

Uploaded by elmarijuano in Glass, Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Dec 06, 2012

Great flower review of the Heirloom OG strain. I thought when you kicked the table the glass was coming down. Thanks again! -Dallas


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SAY SOMETHING! 18 Responses so far

  1. HighNMighty420 936 days ago

    Nice nuggies man. If u wanna take advantage of those free percs, maybe add some more water.

  2. DinoJP 937 days ago

    hahahahhahahahaha ur funny dude! cool vid

  3. TheZenNug 938 days ago

    Buy BeeLine Hemp wick

  4. oldmanswag 938 days ago

    im just gonna take a wild guess and say you break alot of glass. AM i righT?

  5. elmarijuano 938 days ago

    Thanks for the feed back nuggers and again thanks for watching :)

  6. HeadStache 938 days ago

    The flavor is there, the flavor is therrrrre!!! Keepin it real homie, keep up the good vids.

  7. Shazam 938 days ago

    free shit is always great that ain't a bad beaker. I'd fill it with more water though at least above the downstem, then you'll be smoking proper. peace n pot

  8. StickyBudz 938 days ago

    Rough as hell on that glass!!!

  9. acuna123 939 days ago

    Dude be careful! A lot of your videos it almost looks like you're hitting the glass really hard on the table. Also, put more water in the beaker i had one of those and it is a nce rip if you put more water

  10. Jay-Kush 939 days ago

    was that guy on crack lol