NTV Special: Blue Dream Flower Review [User Submitted]

Uploaded by MaceWindu in Reviews, Sessions, Strains on Dec 04, 2012

Mace Windu gives an awesome flower review of the popular Blue Dream strain.


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SAY SOMETHING! 6 Responses so far

  1. MaceWindu 937 days ago

    Thanks guys. Another video should be going up soon.

  2. bigb559 937 days ago

    nice review,great looking herbs.

  3. elmarijuano 938 days ago

    Cool vid dude!

  4. ERED420 938 days ago

    chill vid man

  5. kushaholic 938 days ago

    nice buds, good vid, and it would be dope to see some snowboarding and smoking vids

  6. Mr-matrix-system 938 days ago

    good vid bro keep up the good work!!