NTV Special: Black Forest [User Submitted]

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Glass, Sessions, Strains on Dec 04, 2012

This is one black forest of killer marijuana that I wouldn’t mind getting lost in.


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SAY SOMETHING! 11 Responses so far

  1. DaveDab 892 days ago

    insane man

  2. phc420 897 days ago

    country rap aye!!!!!!!!!

  3. OpiDonGoti 900 days ago

    Its a confusing high… like taking a shot of expresso because of the sativa strains involved, but yet it hits your head like a heavy indica.. quite cerebral.
    the song is Kuntry boys by Big Smo ft. Jelly Roll & lil Wyte. medicine and moonshine, whats the song to be confused about

  4. fromOHtoIO 900 days ago

    but nice nugs!

  5. fromOHtoIO 900 days ago

    this song is just confusing

  6. PeopleSuck 900 days ago

    nice nuggets

  7. glas 900 days ago

    dank looin herb and an awesome song

  8. Shazam 900 days ago

    wow I'd love to get my hands on that FIYAH. whats the high like?

  9. SEERUAN1 900 days ago

    looks dank as hell.. haha bumpin dat jelly roll i see u!!!

  10. Jerry 900 days ago

    Dank buds