Johnnyhopkins and Ms. Hopkins THC Session

Uploaded by Johnnyhopkins in Concentrates, Featured, Glass, Sessions, Strains on Jan 15, 2013

Johnny Hopkins and his girl run the full spectrum of THC in a session that involves flowers (Wicked OG) bubble hash (Skywalker OG) & Wax (Skywalker OG). Some nice closeups of the medicine and a nice session with his girl. Like they say, the couple that smokes together, stays together. Well done Johnny! – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 35 Responses so far

  1. Hacksign29 807 days ago

    Man, I’d give anything for my girl to be a stoner with me haha, cheer to the awesome dab session and sick pieces

  2. pegleg 845 days ago

    this kid is die from one hit !! can thet girl speak or is she mute ? they look like ther are going to fight after the video is over

  3. Huero123 888 days ago

    Ms Hopkins looks fine and she should make a solo vid as she know what's up and she cool keep up Ms.Hopkins

  4. pribley 888 days ago

    Shes pretty.

  5. vashts80 888 days ago

    @liverman17: it's a glass wand….sometimes referred to as a hot hit wand.

  6. Cee9 890 days ago

    you guys have very similar faces…almost look like brother and sister.

  7. liverman17 895 days ago

    Whats that crystal or glass wand you used to light the hash?!

  8. vashts80 896 days ago

    lmao, your girl knew what was up when you were trying to focus on that nug and it kept focusing on her.

  9. Bdawg420 896 days ago

    soo fuckin siiick !!

  10. 1017dabs- 896 days ago

    lol mike u to eh ahah