Huge Glass Display

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Concentrates, Featured, Glass, Sessions, Strains on Jan 17, 2013

Dabs and flowers… with a HUGE assortment of glass to choose from. All the names are here…. Roor, illadelph, Toro… CHOICES, CHOICES. – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 23 Responses so far

  1. njdank973 443 days ago

    what job do you kids have? or do you just have a really nice allowance?

  2. budlove 549 days ago

    anyone hating on the way the dude talks is just an asshole. no need for the hate on a site thats suppose to be full of positivity. thats some dope glass boys

  3. deadphish 892 days ago

    i think they were just making fun of him because he's acting like the boss and looks like someone's little brother

  4. Quizy 892 days ago

    I also meant to say for using hella nice glass it can easily be dropped with full fingered gloves… fingerless gloves are amazing for cold weather usage when having to still handle small or delicate items such as dabbers / containers / and most of all GLASS!

  5. Quizy 892 days ago

    Looks like a badass session guys!!! Looks like you guys had some fun! Very nice glass !! … Also to the haters those gloves are PERFECT for cali weather right now.. it's COLD AS FUCK right now and only insecure little girls would talk shit about these dudes… Right on!

  6. AugustWest 893 days ago

    @ kris and cookiez…stop being such bitches. People are all different and can express themselves however they want. Someone has an accent so you make fun of them? Insecure much? Bunch of negative haters man, go find a hobby.

  7. bdblzr 893 days ago

    ya fuk ur cunt ass cookie monster, these guys got some nice shit

  8. HeadStache 893 days ago

    @Cookiez you look like the retard for saying that. It's called a speech impediment, and who gives a fuck if he has one. Nice collection fellas, keep rocking.

  9. Lifted_ 893 days ago

    your moms hook it up

  10. cookiezmonzter 893 days ago

    why is that kid using some weird as gloves and no hes not from boston he has that retard speech thing