Deconstructed Widow Maker Success

Uploaded by iHydroEyez in Reviews, Strains on Apr 03, 2013

Hydro with a deconstructed widow maker to bring in the morning.

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SAY SOMETHING! 19 Responses so far

  1. riot9maker 809 days ago

    hell ya hydro, your vids are always legit. Best user submitted vids on here for sure

  2. silent 811 days ago

    awesome toke dude just funny you said you were gonna edit it so it wasn't 8mins of prep…. but it was 7 lol toke on though!

  3. ZPurps 815 days ago

    not hating what so ever just a little critique… these are essentially the only videos i watch

  4. Decayed 815 days ago

    hahaha the success reactions was epic, o man good stuff.

  5. BMChronic 815 days ago

    Damn you’ve got some lungs!

  6. Hathaway 815 days ago

    I signed in after not being on forever for hydro. His vids are my favs. Stay up everyone. Peace.

  7. Decayed 815 days ago

    @ridinghigh I agree most of the videos on this site are whack, i miss the old nuggetry crew. Ihydro’s videos are probably the only ones I actually look forward to watching

  8. SapSteve 816 days ago

    Hahaha fast1 I feel same cool vid tho hydro

  9. Fast1 816 days ago

    I just watched “E-merge” from puff n dabs drop 2+ g’s of crumble on a nail all at once on nugporn.. Then I com over here and hydro says “hazah” as he is rationing on .0008 micrograms of sap and still trying to save a “half a dab”… Def entertaining to say the least!

  10. iHydroEyez 816 days ago

    @Liverman thanks man :)