VAPENSEASON: How To Season Your Vapenwiser Titanium Nail

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Sessions on Feb 17, 2013

This is a great video from the oil rig crew on how to properly season your new Vapenwiser titanium dome nail.

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SAY SOMETHING! 7 Responses so far

  1. Phatdo415 862 days ago

    It's cool dude just adjust camera and u just be all good

  2. JackDanieL 862 days ago

    First vid i ever made and I didnt even mean to submit it here, knowing it was kinda wack. Thanks for the feedback though, if I ever mess with the cam again, I’ll take it to heart

  3. JackDanieL 862 days ago

    Cheers fellas!

  4. Quizy 862 days ago

    Very informative, the first soung was overbearing but after that it was fine for me

  5. joesmoejr 862 days ago

    yo guys DO NOT DUNK YOUR NAILS IN WATER repeat DO NOT DUNK YOUR NAILS IN WATER it just oxidizes them quicker making them not last as long

  6. PurpDabs 862 days ago

    I agree with mike.. the music is way too loud

  7. Mike-420 863 days ago

    Would be helpful if the music wasnt as loud or louder then your voice :\