So Who Wants To Win A New Gold Celebration Pipe?

Uploaded by Chubbs in Contests, Featured, Sessions on Feb 15, 2013

The good folks at were kind enough to send us some more pipes to give away so I thought I’d run a new review contest from now until this Friday, Feb. 22.

- The person who send in the most reviews wins.
- Reviews must be at least 250 words long.
- Reviews must include at least 3 pictures.

Submit your reviews here:

Good luck and if you have any questions ask here in the comments and we will try an dget you an answer right away.

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SAY SOMETHING! 17 Responses so far

  1. cam1lo 669 days ago

    so how do you win??

  2. Blergs 892 days ago

    Thanks alot for the Contest! I have a nice selection and just posted up some reviews, hope you like them.

  3. Blergs 892 days ago

    Awesome ! I wanted one of these pipes for a LONG time!

  4. Cee9 893 days ago

    DAMN I want this soooo bad!

  5. Cee9 893 days ago

    @stillfluffy08, I still frequently use a dry pipe

  6. jKiller 894 days ago

    ello Chubbs, I created this account b/c it still pisses me off they banned u from uTube. I’m a fan of yours and i don’t look up 2 many people, but i respect the videogame fiend @ 30 and dispensary & weed p1mp before 40 hustle. =) Extremely fking GG. My one piece of advice would be to revive a new uTube. Ur name still big there, u could direct traffic here..

  7. 3mmylee 898 days ago

    Sick pipe, been so dry the past month I wouldn't have anything to review even if I wanted to. :(
    Good Luck to everyone else though! :D

  8. valiumsen 898 days ago


  9. Stimulator 899 days ago

    Ima win :)

  10. Quizy 899 days ago

    You guys dont get it yet.. websites / owners are given something such as an item like this to help PROMOTE the site… So since Chubbs got it for free.. instead of just keeping it him self and posting Celebration Pipe ads he is GIVING IT TO THE COMMUNITY.. .. Really? Who complains about free stuff ? LOL