Snaptime with Hydro: New Mystery Strain Snap and Shoutouts!

Uploaded by iHydroEyez in Sessions on Jan 19, 2013
Picked up a new strain after coming home from new years to enjoy with everyone:D Listen closely to the end, im so medicated i say “peace and later” in the same word:P Shows ya that snap did the trick, Enjoy!:D
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SAY SOMETHING! 15 Responses so far

  1. FratstarOG 849 days ago

    is that moonshine in the background? lol

  2. mozzaroonify 850 days ago

    Nice vid as always Hydro, and super chilled tuneage. Can I request you that divulge the artist? :)

  3. SativaJ 851 days ago

    Really looks like the cuts of sourD from out my way hyrdo.

  4. iHydroEyez 851 days ago

    @Ace not seed pockets the must just be the cam, if theres seeds in it i Dont Buy it

  5. HumCoast 851 days ago

    Hey man, this is actually the first video of yours I have viewed, and I really enjoyed it. It's your articulation that wraps the viewer in and lets the video flow, like a good narrarator. And its hilarious when you're trying to stop saying "you guys"

  6. CosmicEnd 852 days ago

    i kinda like smoking bowls

  7. LordTHC 852 days ago

    nice vid man yeah i wish they had more of a selection in the nuggetry shop! especially hats! and i agree with mike, grow it long or cut it u look emo dude. lol, much love and respect btw!

  8. Kris@KSO 852 days ago

    any 1 else kinda think that looks like afgoo ?

  9. Mike-420 852 days ago

    Im starting to think you should change up yer justin bieber hair style :P

  10. MACVISHION 852 days ago

    Thx for the love hydro.
    Im gonna mail a pkg to you after Dabtron.
    Wanted to wait til that.
    I think you agree the wait was worth it

    Hydro my nydro