Red Rock Longboarding

Uploaded by kobe4mvp23 in Sessions on Feb 18, 2013

Kobe4mvp23 with a nice Compliation video with Jack Herer, Pure AK Afwreck flowers and some longboarding to celebrate this wonderful plant being legalized.

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SAY SOMETHING! 4 Responses so far

  1. Dabwell 867 days ago

    the vid was building up to be dope, but than climaxed with only like 6 seconds of a dude slowing himself down while starting to bomb a hill… the editing was good but the content just kinda fizzled out. More skating! :D

  2. Capecod710 868 days ago

    Them flowers look fire

  3. kobe4mvp23 868 days ago

    The clip at 1:15, you can’t tell that’s longboading? LOL. I probably coulda came up with a better name

  4. soursteve 868 days ago

    Lol what longboarding was done in this video