Part 1 Of The LA, I Mean Glendale, I Mean San Bernardino Cannabis Cup

Uploaded by Ldog in Sessions on Mar 29, 2013

High Times had a bit of a hard time pulling of their cup event earlier this year due some permitting issues in LA. Fortunately the good people of San Berdoo came through and saved the day.

LDog made his way through the crowd throughout the day to give everyone a good look at what the event was all about.

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SAY SOMETHING! 8 Responses so far

  1. Ldog 827 days ago

    “I want to thank God, god damn it…” awesome

  2. terryx1st 827 days ago

    BAMF™ Extractions!!!

  3. AZconoMED 827 days ago

    me too

  4. Kushman4 828 days ago

    i really just wanna try some of nikka t’s hash!!

  5. OCLAX77 828 days ago

    Lmao at subcool getting down. haha

  6. Mrwax710 828 days ago

    I want part 2 Hurr u[\p lol

  7. Mr_DabMaN 829 days ago

    Nice vid ldog..was mag wearing that shirt on purpose?

  8. DankHydroKush 829 days ago

    cool vid, nikKa T is the man!