NUGGETRY TV Widow Maker Dabs – March 9, 2012

Uploaded by Chubbs in Sessions on Mar 09, 2012

Woke up this morning, took one look at my pile of almost empty containers and decided it was time to put together a widow maker dab video.

The flavor of each rip was very different which the session that much better.


High Priority Glass | Goosefire Gallery - 2740 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803

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  1. WeedEatter 727 days ago

    dope vid. ILLUMINATI DABS

  2. PurpDabs 822 days ago


  3. ballyhoo 871 days ago

    Chubbs makes pyramid shaped dunks, because he likes them, and because he feels like it.

  4. ballyhoo 871 days ago


  5. DaNK42012_ 1208 days ago

    Nice song and widowmakers but do you care to elaborate on WHy it is, you made Pyramid shaped dabs??

  6. DonDotta 1209 days ago

    hilarious, thats how i feel after a dab session 1/4 the size of that one

  7. BHO_Network 1209 days ago

    Love the fact that Chubbs bumps 40 Fonzarelli during his wax widow making sesh

  8. meangreenmartian 1209 days ago

    You must be bored Kenny

  9. Kenny523 1210 days ago

    You forgot the word “made” in the last sentence of the videos description.

    The flavor of each rip was very different which the session that much better.

  10. weedabiz 1210 days ago

    Bret1Maverick 2 days ago
    @Fast1 “Bell Ringers” are what crackheads say to describe a fat crack Second time ive seen a dab referred to as a “Bell Ringer”. Its official Its the new Epically the stable hunnycomb we make. Just messin with ya. I noticed chubbs was baked too, as im a long time viewer like yourself.

    Funny you’d bring that up, that’s the way i see all the improperly made errls as. Cuz crack is just a tainted form of cocaine to prolonge the weight or expirience of the user…right? so if oil is possible to be taken out of the herb we taint with tane why is it logical that it would vary in consistencys if there isn’t a clear contamination. just my .2.nd in conclusion its just funny that medical patients are gobblin this shit up while im just yer regular weed snob nd It took me five seconds of reasoning. pizzout duckets. nd turtle…you can have ulcerations from holding massive hit’s of spicy wax..doncha kno