NUGGETRY TV Throwback Video: Double Widow Maker Bong Rips

Uploaded by Chubbs in Sessions on Apr 03, 2012

Back in the day I use to have use my Smoke Buddy so that the alarm in my office at CPA wouldn’t go off.

These old videos make me smile every time I watch them.


High Priority Glass | Goosefire Gallery - 2740 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803

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SAY SOMETHING! 28 Responses so far

  1. PurpDabs 619 days ago

    Toot toot!!

  2. fromOHtoIO 717 days ago

    uploaded on my birthday. thanks chubbs! sup

  3. KiwiKush 718 days ago

    So how was Javier's food Chubbs? Hhaha

  4. TreeRunner 865 days ago


  5. ChronDawn 963 days ago

    Common man. You can do better then that

  6. syphon798 963 days ago

    gotta love your Toros!!! :]

  7. Zm0n3y 963 days ago

    @TripleOG 42 degrees in Ann Arbor should have Toros… They have a little of everything.

  8. Scherp420 963 days ago

    He shakes his head after! lol!!!

  9. DaNK42012_ 964 days ago

    O okay my bad chubbs..keep it lit!!:)

  10. killergreen1984 964 days ago

    so….FUCK THE HATERSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!