NUGGETRY TV Special: Toph Loses His $50 Limited Edition Grass Roots Hat

Uploaded by Chubbs in Sessions on Jul 21, 2012

Toph walked into my office the other day with no hat on so I grabbed him a NUGGETRY Jurassic hat for his dome.


Of course I had to know what happened so right before I asked him I turned on the camera to record the story. Fucking Hilarious!


Sorry about the bad camera angle. I didn’t want Shane and Toph to know the camera was on so I didn’t really have a chance to move it.


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SAY SOMETHING! 35 Responses so far

  1. grassroots 1052 days ago

    toph, big ups for reppin grassroots ! what style hat was it? if you would do a video review for grassroots lids the guys here at grassroots would love to send you a complemety hat for getting the name out ! much love
    Grassroots CA

    p.s we love the videos guys

  2. smokee415 1057 days ago

    great video. had me rollin. "ten miles down the road he was like bro can we go back" lol classic

  3. andyfibb 1064 days ago

    i was SOOOO mad .. toph haa

  4. NEOX187 1072 days ago

    shit happens in a sec homes..

  5. JBiggsTX 1072 days ago

    great video guys! funny shit!!!

  6. app25 1073 days ago

    That happened to a friend but I flipped a bitch right after it happened and grabbed it, also happene with a pipe when a bro was cashing the bowl he dropped it and it somehow didn't break. Funny how I can watch a minute video but get so many memories

  7. Kushfacedtoph 1073 days ago

    Nice meeting you too man. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. 1073 days ago

    thats how i lost my glasses once.$200 pair. this is funny as hell!!!

  9. 1073 days ago

    met you guys saturday at expo,it was an honor. you guys were cool and down to earth.MUCH RESPECT, love what you guys do,stay up !

  10. Maverick 1073 days ago

    oh shit. the black and hite one?