NUGGETRY TV Special: Chubbs Goes Over A Small List While We Get High

Uploaded by Chubbs in Sessions on Dec 03, 2012

I had a small list of things that I wanted to go over with you guys. LOL @ me not remembering what some of the items on the list mean. Short term memory loss is no joke.


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  1. TheHashCompany 895 days ago

    Nuggetry for live = No.1

  2. TheHashCompany 895 days ago

    Nuggety for live = No.1

  3. OG_Corp 919 days ago

    dope vid as always

  4. takrnmf 969 days ago

    4 min lmfao

  5. takrnmf 969 days ago

    im uploading my vid now I'm smoking

  6. snickers2771 970 days ago

    @4Point5 props to that man

  7. KST420 970 days ago


  8. KST420 970 days ago

    6:55, lol chubbs problems.

  9. 4Point5 973 days ago

    aesop rock> asap rocky

  10. Chronic 973 days ago

    This was a great vid chubbs talking about good issues about the site overall just chillin. Not to mention the song at the end AMAZING, one of my favourite asap songs. love to see more of these. Stay High