Uploaded by ShaneOMac in Sessions on Nov 01, 2012

Shane and Toph have been known to have a few “mishaps” that get edited out. Here are a few of them. Enjoy!


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  1. Louie 971 days ago

    Are you trying to tell me that you're the don? You're not don material. Oh shit had me laughin.

  2. bonechuggz 972 days ago

    aw shit. toph never fails to crack a mafucka uuup lol!

  3. Manozzi 972 days ago



  4. Manozzi 972 days ago

    OG stands for Only Purps.

  5. kushfacepush 972 days ago

    Lmao "OG stands for only grapes" lol nice one toph

  6. Bangarang 972 days ago

    thanks chubbs,yeah Barbara got ahold of me today,your customer service is awesome.
    she was super nice,very helpful,and think shes gonna take care of everything.

    ill be super stoked to rock some nuggetry gear,thanks again Chubbs and Barbara

  7. Chubbs 972 days ago

    @Bangarang: Have you emailed dallas or Barbara regarding the issue? If so, I will handle it. If not, send them an eamil and it will be taken care of right away. Sorry for the delay.

  8. Bangarang 972 days ago

    Hey guys.
    i was just wondering if you ever got around to shipping my shirt?
    its been almost another month and i STILL haven't received a shirt in the mail
    if your not gonna send me what i ordered id at least like a refund of my money
    and if not where gonna have to figure something out.cause as it is you guys pretty much just stole money from me

    Please Please Please get back to me… not trying to be a asshole…..i just either want what i payed for or i want my money back

    and i love nuggetry so Please Please let me rock your awesome Jurassic park shirt

  9. myweed 973 days ago

    you guys need a t.v show

  10. Lepy 973 days ago