NTV Special: Snaptime with Hydro- Snap out of the HoneyComb and Shoutouts [User Submitted]

Uploaded by iHydroEyez in Sessions on Dec 03, 2012

Snaps and shout outs from Hydro. Another killer session.


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SAY SOMETHING! 9 Responses so far

  1. Dabwell 891 days ago

    Hey man who makes that stem line? I really dig it and Im looking to get a stem line around that size. I have only been smoking errl lately and want to get a nice rig similar to that for flowers.

  2. bong_girl 895 days ago

    you take some niiice bong tokes in your vids ,cheers

  3. AirCannabis 903 days ago

    my gamertag is RAS7AFARI add me sonn im on black ops II all day

  4. dpanthaman 904 days ago

    cool vid bro, hit me up on live if yall wana, AgP x Berzerker

  5. ERED420 904 days ago

    ya bong hits for black ops hahah
    gamer tag – ERED421 hit me up

  6. alpha 904 days ago

    very nice slide brothanks for a look into ur stony world.

  7. CanChron 905 days ago

    whats your gamer tag dude

  8. Shazam 905 days ago

    girls number written down on your hand like a boss

  9. Impulse 905 days ago

    shoutouts to casius and nismo, you know this vid is old haha. hydro it would be dope to see more of the flowers every now and then before you break em down in the slide.