Hitman Glass.

Uploaded by usersubmitted in Sessions on Jan 21, 2013

Session with some Hitman Glass. I see a familiar LOGO on the torch sticker.Heat em up and Smoke em!

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SAY SOMETHING! 15 Responses so far

  1. Jrg442 823 days ago

    I like them both you have the 4 slit one or 6 slit one?

  2. MACVISHION 826 days ago

    Mini sidecar even smaller and I think better can is like inch and 1/2 tall if that

  3. Jrg442 852 days ago

    O and u said something first to lol peace

  4. Jrg442 852 days ago

    O no haha I wast trying to be rude that's just how I type naw man anyone with hitman is cool with me

  5. Impulse 852 days ago

    !!!! uhhh oh!!! call the glass police. relax man. if you dont say shit with attitude i wouldnt. icouldnt care less who you know. i said nice pick up. peace n love =D

  6. Jrg442 853 days ago

    It's actually on a shitty plastic tube if u want me to put one up on a table to shut u up I no a direct source to hitman so check ur self before u talk

  7. Impulse 853 days ago

    i can tell how it wobbles when you put your mouth to it!!! good pick up..

  8. Jrg442 854 days ago

    O no it's solid as shit actually a little more sturdy than the older bigger ones sorry to say impulse

  9. Impulse 854 days ago

    im glad i got my 18mm 24 hole perc sidecar before they started coming out with fragile looking rigs. hitman seems to be falling off a bit..

  10. Jrg442 854 days ago

    I ment plastic tub