Hey Everybody…..I’m Back!!!

Uploaded by Chubbs in Featured, Sessions on Jun 11, 2013

I know it’s been a while but I’ve been away for good reason. I’m going to try my best to start making a lot more videos. Especially now that I have a couple cool new things to show you guys.

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SAY SOMETHING! 36 Responses so far

  1. wildbill 671 days ago

    i thought you were back?

  2. andretti 767 days ago

    chubbs, fla stoner stoked to enjoy some cherry pie wax and terp x shatter dabs here in florida! ready to make a trip back to riverside/oc

  3. Chubbs 771 days ago

    @BombGroove: Yup. Had hair down to my waist for 10 years. Chopped/donated it like 15 years ago.

  4. Jay-Kush 772 days ago

    Good to see you back Chubbs! sorry to hear about the closure dam that sucks!

  5. HerbReview 773 days ago

    LOL. Ya Chubbs… wear a wig. JK don’t ever do that shit.

  6. cannabag 773 days ago

    You are gay for asking the dude to have his hair long or wear a wig LOL

  7. BombGroove 773 days ago

    chubbs, you should rock a wig for a video, lol. u ever have long hair?

  8. STON3RxYODA 777 days ago

    Yeahhh buddy.

  9. rdezz90 779 days ago

    hey chubbs pop in on the live chat its getting boring.

  10. Dsmith24 780 days ago

    It won't let me play it