Euro Throwback – Chubbs Walking Around Checking Out Coffee Shops In Amsterdam

Uploaded by Chubbs in Sessions on Apr 02, 2013

I made this video a couple years ago while in Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup. I was all baked and spent a good part of the day just strolling through the city looking at all the sights.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city full of cool people from all over the world. I’d highly recommend you make the trip if you have the time and means. It’s a blast for sure.

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SAY SOMETHING! 5 Responses so far

  1. FoxDogJake 808 days ago

    “There gonna realize there’s no Father Christmas” at 5:39

  2. MACVISHION 819 days ago

    thanks for giving us a peek at amsterdam im not sure ill make it there in this life check

  3. LordTHC 821 days ago


  4. Heaven10 822 days ago

    what brand of torch is that in your first dab ?

  5. Dino55 822 days ago

    thx chubbs :) lovely throwback!