$100 Submit Your Videos Contest Winners Announced

Uploaded by Chubbs in Contests, Sessions on Mar 04, 2013

I’m running a little late as usual due to my stoner procrastination but you know what they say, better late than never.

That being said, take a look at the vid to see who won our most recent contest. Did you win $100 cash?

Or maybe you won the Celebration Pipe? (www.celebrationpipes.com)

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SAY SOMETHING! 20 Responses so far

  1. Gaz_PPG 824 days ago

    Hey chubbs! Loving the vids man. Contacting you from New Zealand brother, was wondering if you can take part in these comps if your not in the USA? Cheers.

  2. Mrwax710 851 days ago

    Cool contest yeah i would have though TopRank would of won I seen more of his vids thatn anyone!!!!

  3. Bigjeff22 851 days ago

    toprank should have won…wtf..nothing against breaker tho

  4. ZPurps 851 days ago

    i havent watched his vids but how didnt toprank win? he posts more than anyone

  5. MACVISHION 852 days ago

    And now all you breaker hero walker haters are seeing all the videos from the winners

    Simmer down folks!!

  6. WeedEatter 852 days ago

    only contests now?…

  7. Huero123 852 days ago

    Toprank had grip of them what happen

  8. Jay-Kush 852 days ago

    Congrats guys !

  9. BlazinAlberts 852 days ago

    Shittya hero n breaker

  10. Blaze4Days 852 days ago

    Weird! I only see a smack ton of shatter reviews by Toprank… Or was this contest for written reviews as well?