This is going to revolutionize the pen game! You’re going to love it.

Uploaded by dallas in Others, Q&A, Reviews, Sessions on Feb 05, 2014

After 4 years of hard work we’ve finally invented the perfect pen attachment.

I can’t go into detail at this moment but I’m letting everyone know that in April we are launching a new product that will change the game.

One thing I will share is that the innovation is not the atomizer.


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  1. RipRap 25 days ago

    August and still just BS.

  2. densonmark 29 days ago

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  3. Jinx_Cat 115 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that's a cartridge… It did revolutionize the pen game…

  4. irie_mountain_rx 118 days ago

    Its now May and i haven’t heard any further information on this game changing invention. Would love to see more

  5. CGal 124 days ago

    Did he ever put out any more info on this?

  6. lindaemel 140 days ago

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  7. gregburnes 167 days ago

    so hype vid?

  8. DirkN 181 days ago

  9. DirkN 181 days ago

    Basically Task got screwed over by a close friend who stole his ideas and made them his own without patenting them first. Here is a link

  10. rdezz90 181 days ago

    come on man wheres the content? we want it so keep it comming? atleast give us some ideas of whats up, what your thinking. hell i wouldnt even care if you if you said im to high and theres not a lot of time to work on things, just curious and always enjoyed communication with the man behind the madness. and @samsonsimpson whos task?