NUGGETRY TV Special: How To Season A Titanium Nail

Uploaded by ShaneOMac in Others on Jul 27, 2012

BHO is so popular now that most of my friends would rather dab than smoke a bowl. That being said, many people are new to the process and have no idea how to properly season a titanium nail before use.


Toph and Shane grabbed the needed tools and put together a quick video explaining their method for seasoning. Trust me when I tell you that seasoning the nail makes a HUGE difference in your toke.


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  6. 203dabbin 255 days ago

    @deeweez i dont think they are concerned about how long the nails last considering the bag of fresh heads

  7. SHC 343 days ago

    Gross, I season my nails with top shelf.

  8. Minijjr 493 days ago

    Will just the water method work. I don’t have the resoses to season a domeless with oil

  9. meangreenmartian 495 days ago

    Very informative video, keep them coming guys

  10. StayReal 510 days ago

    oxidization is using oxygen to create an oxide, not liquid.