NUGGETRY TV Special: How To Season A Titanium Nail

Uploaded by ShaneOMac in Others on Jul 27, 2012

BHO is so popular now that most of my friends would rather dab than smoke a bowl. That being said, many people are new to the process and have no idea how to properly season a titanium nail before use.


Toph and Shane grabbed the needed tools and put together a quick video explaining their method for seasoning. Trust me when I tell you that seasoning the nail makes a HUGE difference in your toke.


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  4. 203dabbin 206 days ago

    @deeweez i dont think they are concerned about how long the nails last considering the bag of fresh heads

  5. SHC 294 days ago

    Gross, I season my nails with top shelf.

  6. Minijjr 444 days ago

    Will just the water method work. I don’t have the resoses to season a domeless with oil

  7. meangreenmartian 445 days ago

    Very informative video, keep them coming guys

  8. StayReal 460 days ago

    oxidization is using oxygen to create an oxide, not liquid.

  9. StayReal 460 days ago

    @deeweez any liquid speeds up OXIDATION, including errl. you just have to deal with that to season it right. if youre going to try to be a smart ass, at least spell your words right.

  10. deeweez 488 days ago

    This is very wrong. You shouldn’t use water to season a nail as it only speeds up the oxidization process of the nail, which obviously decreases life span.