Throwback TV – Chubbs Has A Look At A Couple Sick Bubblers

Uploaded by Chubbs in Glass, Sessions on Mar 31, 2013

Both Luke Wilson and E. Ross know how to blow some serious glass. Chubbs is lucky enough to have some work from both in his glass collection.

A while back he busted em out and made a video with some great music. Ah the good ole’ days. 8)

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SAY SOMETHING! 9 Responses so far

  1. dabsat710 843 days ago

    miss these so damn much….and i love steve miller

  2. PurpDabs 854 days ago

    They are $299… or at least they were when a buddy of mine swooped one from HPG. I agree, sick piece! Better for flower IMO. A bit of an airy ripper. Nice vid

  3. Quizy 855 days ago

    Chubbs.. They are similar size.. i see why you did that comparison :) Right on brotha.

  4. lilbones4 855 days ago

    there def not 250 anymore

  5. DinoJP 855 days ago

    steve miller band – fly like an eagle

  6. OG_Corp 855 days ago

    If anyone can give me the name of this song I will forever be grateful.

  7. OG_Corp 855 days ago

    I miss when Chubbs used to do “Story and A Song” videos

  8. SkinZ 856 days ago

    Wilson all day. I remember this one oldie but Goldie

  9. InCronicWeTrust 856 days ago

    Woot! Another throwback, I miss the style of these vids