Stoned Society Special: MrCaliMatt goes to Goosefire Gallerys JAG “Get Some”

Uploaded by MrCaliMatt420 in Glass on Jan 14, 2013

MrCaliMatt heads to Goosefire Gallery in Long Beach, CA this last weekend for glass blowing artist JAG’s “Get Some” show. JAG had a massive amount of VERY cool art. From the Robots, to the Dino collabs to the boom box… JAG did some incredible work! Matt must have been there early or late because the crowd was shoulder to shoulder packed for most of the night. Well done MrCaliMatt! – Dallas

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SAY SOMETHING! 10 Responses so far

  1. StonedApe 930 days ago

    I appreciate your content more and more with each episode! It seems to get cleaner "editing" every time. Keep it up!

  2. Dillinger 931 days ago

    That JagxMöbius stuff looks cool. I like the black dots. Like to find one for sale for my wife

  3. macsheep 931 days ago

    Nice, thanks for the video! The koi fish near the end of the video is my favorite piece that i saw.

  4. MACVISHION 931 days ago

    You right on songs matt

  5. MrCaliMatt420 931 days ago

    The song is Indo Smoke by Mista Grimm Warren G and was the first song I believe by the late great Nate Dogg. LoL Jerry I don't know man but I win a lot of staring contests.

  6. Pitomba 931 days ago

    name of the song?

  7. Pitomba 931 days ago

    nice video… keep coming! peace from brazil!

  8. Jerry 931 days ago

    How are you able to go so long without blinking?

  9. MrCaliMatt420 932 days ago

    I got two pics that are on my page but mostly just the video I shot. Can't wait to see your episode.

  10. MACVISHION 932 days ago

    hell ya matt

    blurrred vishion episode of Jag in the works
    you get some good still shots also?

    keep em coming good shit bro