NUGGETRY TV Throwback Video – Big Ass Pelican Case

Uploaded by Chubbs in Glass, Others on Feb 22, 2012

A while back I figured out how much space I would need to carry the NUGGETRY Glass collection and I put together this Pelican Case for when I’m on the go.

Unfortunately I did not leave any space to grow into and I already need another case or even 2 to handle everything.


High Priority Glass | Goosefire Gallery - 2740 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803

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SAY SOMETHING! 28 Responses so far

  1. hashman420 968 days ago

    Chubbs, you should do a gauntlet with all your pieces, I think that would be sick!!
    Overall though, sick collection!!

  2. DerpPurp420 1253 days ago

    and to think now-a-days you would need 2 or 3 more cases. Maybe even more. So much glass haha

  3. DenverDabber 1255 days ago

    old school flash back vid huh

  4. ReignMan 1256 days ago

    Every piece Chubbs, Magweedo, Toph, and TDS have on a table….Everyone has to take one dab off each of their pieces. Most epic

  5. ReignMan 1256 days ago

    At 7:15 you mention a custom grid/8…Have we seen that yet?

  6. Sunnismoke 1256 days ago

    Chubbs, I have that exact duckie slide only for flowers, who did you say yours was made by?

  7. leftover421 1257 days ago

    Here is what I wish for……Chubbs, TDS, Toph and Magweedo bring in everything in there collective collections. Set them all out on one big ass table so we can see. May be use some tape and mark out the table so we can see what belongs to whom. Anyways…Just a thought because most of us will never own such a vast collection. Would be cool to see all that glass all at once…V&pot&dabs

  8. NorCaliDankMan 1257 days ago

    loving the throwback videos chubbs! brings back memories lol keep em up!

  9. corymoore7 1257 days ago

    chubbs u tha man love the throwback vids and everything u and the ccc420 crew do much respect. Keep that fire coming our way!

  10. Chubbs 1257 days ago

    I gave up on what, collecting glass? LOL, have you seen my collection lately? ;)