NUGGETRY TV Special: Torch Tube Dab Run

Uploaded by magweedo in Glass, Sessions on Mar 27, 2012

Magweedo puts his lungs to the test along with a bunch of Hitman torch Tubes. Looks like he could of handled a few more dabs if you ask me.


High Priority Glass | Goosefire Gallery - 2740 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803

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SAY SOMETHING! 21 Responses so far

  1. IIG 1188 days ago

    Very impressive shit.

  2. Buck762 1189 days ago

    The thc gets absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs instantaneously on contact. Ya he would get higher from holding it in longer but he just threw back like 6 dabs im sure he’s flying high

  3. Andy420 1190 days ago

    Try actually holding the hit, really cannot see how he is even getting decently high from not even holding the hit, not even for 2 seconds, its a WASTE.

  4. rean1611 1191 days ago

    @Jon Sin + @YourTokerFriend loll

  5. Maverick 1191 days ago

    Them glass dabbers look like they got more clame on them, than I only like stainless and TI. I have a few glass dabbers, but its like a magnet for

  6. XxWiZrDxX 1192 days ago

    ashtray sink is disgusting lol

  7. YourTokerFriend 1192 days ago

    His throat had to of been full of claim by the end

  8. Thebkr388 1192 days ago

    @DaNK42012 lol

  9. Dingus 1192 days ago

    thats alot of torch tubes

  10. DaNK42012_ 1192 days ago

    In the thumbnail it looks like magweedos abouta bang on us ha.