NUGGETRY TV Special: Hitman Glass Chess Book

Uploaded by magweedo in Glass, Others on May 06, 2012

The folks at Hitman have done it again with the recent release of the new Chess Pieces book.

Some of the best and most well known glass artists came through with some sick work for the book.


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SAY SOMETHING! 23 Responses so far

  1. elmarijuano 757 days ago

    That skeleton piece was just toooo damn sick.
    Bad ass vid team N

  2. Kushfacedtoph 833 days ago

    i got nothing but love for the hitman crew

  3. Kushfacedtoph 833 days ago

    haha ben burton poppin in

  4. TheHashCompany 844 days ago

    much love & health from amsterdam
    great work !

  5. AdabWiLLdo 846 days ago

    All that time and Effort, All out of pure Enjoyment for the Consumer. Sick work.

  6. portlandrider 847 days ago

    eusheen is the man

  7. mrfrost420 847 days ago

    haha @toroguy thats what alot of people say about the hitman crew.

  8. ToroGuy 847 days ago

    To bad Hitman is a douche bag. Only guy in the industry that is a complete stuck up ass hole.

  9. dpanthaman 848 days ago

    OMG i was in illuzions two days befor 420 and missed out on this because i had to come back to my home town in ATX to catch marley fest, but wow that was one hell of a vid

  10. TripleOG 848 days ago

    That glowing piece is amazing… new innovations being made everyday!