NUGGETRY TV Glass Showcase: Dabbers

Uploaded by Kushfacedtoph in Glass on Feb 07, 2012

Everyone reviews badass glass tubes and bubblers but you rarely, if ever see someone do a video review of a dabber.

Toph and Chubbs show you guys a handful of dabbers from the NUGGETRY Glass Collection.


High Priority Glass | Goosefire Gallery - 2740 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803

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SAY SOMETHING! 27 Responses so far

  1. Mrwax710 850 days ago

    loose the tape!! melt that sucker

  2. andyfibb 1005 days ago

    warm it up chris! haha i bet the homies always makin toph heat up the nail hah or cus its his rig.

  3. staysmokin 1023 days ago

    hey chubs where can i get that pencil dabber?

  4. 1044 days ago

    I LOVE tha AkM dabber. the glass workon that thing is beautiful? @ chubbs @kushfaced toph @tokedaddyslim do you guys know any places i could get my hands on one of those online???

  5. lythje84 1228 days ago

    u actually could kill someone with those O.o or some of them…

  6. GGLynzee 1239 days ago

    I would never waste my money on a dabber… I would break it for sure, and I really like the idea of the dental pick.. I don’t wanna waste my wax ;)

  7. 1239 days ago

    That AKm Wood handle dabber is my favorite dabber ive ever seen.

  8. Jrieth420 1240 days ago

    kushFace is way to kushfaced haha

  9. Maverick 1240 days ago

    We have a few glass dabbers. I have one thats a hothit one on end, and dabber on hte other, with a worked disk in the middle. I dont like glass dabbers anymore though. Too much clame gets left behind, and also its harder to make a dab of really stable wax. Im all abotu TI dabbers and dental picks. They work so good for fixing dabs, and no clame left behind.

    I have that same dental pic. I have the other one it comes with too. You can thread your dabs up it, and hold the tip on the nail,a nd it slowly runs off, and leaves nothing behind, on the dabber like glass does.

  10. KronicReality 1240 days ago

    love the pakoh knife slide. got one myself!