NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: Toro Microverter

Uploaded by ShaneOMac in Glass, Reviews on May 23, 2012

One of the more functional pieces that you can get is the Toro Microverter which can be used as either an ash catcher or a little bubbler.

Shane and Magweedo break down the Microverter and show you the two different modes of operation.


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  1. Maverick 1087 days ago

    I would say the old microverters are bubblers. Since this one doesnt have the bowl ontop of the can. I would call it a bong, and since its got a bent neck, I'd say its a Micro over all.

    I pretty much look at bubblers as just peaces with the stem coming down from the top of the can, instead of out of the side.

    See what i mean?

    Im looking into getting a microverter, once i get the regular Micro Circ.

  2. Rastamon 1090 days ago

    Fuck yea some nujabes, your guys taste in music has been getting better and better imo =)

  3. DezlNC 1092 days ago

    wish i lived in cali……

  4. terryh 1093 days ago

    where can i get the toro micrroveter

  5. jibsnmoney 1094 days ago

    In to detail about the piece. Thanks guys…sorry…two comments

  6. jibsnmoney 1094 days ago

    One of the better reviews you guys have done..really went

  7. 1095 days ago

    I have the large 8 Arm swiss army trash catcher and I love it. It's a shame that tiny thing is almost the same price.

  8. PeacefulRebel 1095 days ago

    @bobbyjoe42 He said TokeDaddySlim

  9. jjwills175 1095 days ago

    More Nujabes Please :D

  10. 420EZwider 1095 days ago

    diggin the work on that beaker you were rippin