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NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: Toro Micro Circ (Dirty)

Uploaded by Chubbs in Glass, Reviews on Jan 31, 2012

This morning is just not my morning for filming I guess. It’s been a while since I had to reshoot this many times to get it right.

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SAY SOMETHING! 47 Responses so far

  1. WeedEatter 641 days ago

    love that purr

  2. ninjajoe22 863 days ago

    hey someone should save tokindaily from youtube!

  3. MASTER-KUSH 1095 days ago

    great vid thanks for the on-the-go upload! Cheers

  4. lythje84 1106 days ago

    i where laughing SO hard… but nice :D

  5. THEKILLINGFIELD 1110 days ago

    @NorthBless – I recently have purchased the same just the in-line version. Personally I think its a bit harsh for flowers, and small. Not much diffusion, but that cuz its ment for errrls I would imagine. With that ash catcher chubbs showed might be best with the flowers on a piece like that,, to add a bit more room and water cooling.
    I love it for Eeerls though! my fav. Put a swing on that and your set for life ;)

  6. crackajack 1116 days ago

    hahahaha that is too funny

  7. 1122 days ago

    Chubbs, your editing just keeps getting better, cheers!

  8. piffin182 1123 days ago

    @Chubbs your a boss

  9. NorthBless 1123 days ago

    @Chubbs, Although I partake in occasional dabs, 90% of the time i’m smoking on Flower. I’m looking for a good Bubbler that filters well but also doesn’t take away a lot of the taste like bigger pieces. My question is: Is this Toro Micro good for smoking Flower? It is about right size of a Bubbler I’m looking for but do not see a lot of filtration (tons of down stems, multiple chambers, etc) which may make it more suited to OIL. Your Thoughts?

  10. IowaHawkeyes 1123 days ago

    @Chubbs “How many anacondas or jungle natives are on” LOL.

    for the other people with… constructive criticism… its chubb’s site and he can do what he wants. if you don’t like it – if he isn’t adding videos to all the categories in equal amounts to your liking, then leave. i’ve followed him since he first started on youtube with ‘he who shall not be named’ and he has made this baller ass site and grown the Nuggetry brand by putting out entertaining and informational content… not to mention some of the highest quality medicine on the market at CPA.