NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: Toro Macaroons

Uploaded by Kushfacedtoph in Glass, Reviews on Feb 12, 2012

Not 1 but 2 killer Toro Macaroons are reviewed by Toph and Toke Daddy.

Overpriced or not I still think the Toro Macaroon is a sick piece of glass.


High Priority Glass | Goosefire Gallery - 2740 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803

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SAY SOMETHING! 23 Responses so far

  1. Quizy 821 days ago

    i like the cacaroon my self.. carlson is a beast

  2. Herowalker 960 days ago

    the pakoharoon is the best macaroon hands down no contest.

  3. Westside 1076 days ago

    toph was so burnt in this vid hahaaaa

  4. dabbsaway 1127 days ago

    jp toro is the fucking man,jp personally does the macroons, they are flawless!

  5. 1210 days ago

    I registered just to say I’m in love. Where did you both get those at? I’ve been dreaming of one since the day I saw your review.

  6. tdsucksbal 1231 days ago

    Thank you for giving us a look at your personal Toros

  7. 420PoPz 1233 days ago

    Dam….he is a fucking Jedi…it does look like that touch should have tipped the martini dish over, not scooted over 6″ without a single rocking…cool action…

  8. 619islandr 1234 days ago

    can you guys do a review on a piece you consider 5 out of 5??i know all you guys have different needs…so each of you do a 5 out of 5.

  9. 100miles 1234 days ago

    The back of his hand skinned it on the way down lol,

  10. DabSaWay 1235 days ago

    I know the person who traded the very first Toro Macaroon with matching dish for a 5th anni.