NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: Sandsmith Tubecyclers

Uploaded by ShaneOMac in Glass, Reviews on Aug 02, 2012

Most of you are probably familiar with recyclers but how many of you have seen or even heard of a tubecycler? I know I was stoked to watch this video Shane and Toph threw together as I don’t think I had heard of a tubecycler before checking it out.


Back in the day when I first started getting stoned bongs were the coolest thing available. I use to think there was nothing else you could do to make bongs better. Think again!


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SAY SOMETHING! 16 Responses so far

  1. Quizy 704 days ago

    @Shane @Toph, have you Guys tried out one of those Venturicyclers ? Theres a few vids on youtube? Just youbue venturicycler ? I have heard they are amazing

  2. J_Robb 831 days ago

    sick!! I would love to dab off one of those rigs

  3. LordTHC 860 days ago

    nice little pice's

  4. Liquid 901 days ago

    Another awesome vid as always guys! That "ribbed" style of glass has been around for quite a while now and was originally seen in cheaper bongs back in the day oddly enough. Same with the "glow in the dark" craze, that's old school being forgotten by the younger set. Now I swear if you start getting in to "color changing" ish I will call shenanigans….Oh and you heard it here first!

  5. Decayed 903 days ago

    shane looks bake-aked at the end. defiantly looks like the erll and the pieces did the job. I really like the way that clear/slime green one looks, very unique.

  6. montroller 904 days ago

    @ jibbler – The point of a recycler is to maximize diffusion while minimizing the area the smoke has to travel to get to your mouth. That way you retain flavor and still get a smooth hit.

  7. jibbler 905 days ago

    So what do these 'recyclers' do? Is it a flavor saving mechanism?

  8. Lrod18 905 days ago

    That cup o' nugs looks fire.

  9. JDank 905 days ago

    you guys should do more in depth close ups of the rigs at the end:}

  10. BigSkyDabs 905 days ago

    What is the significance of recycling pieces? besides the visual aspect does it do anything else?