NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: Nate Dizzle Swiss Perc

Uploaded by Chubbs in Glass, Reviews on Jan 19, 2012

Ever wonder why it’s called a Swiss Perc? Chubbs and Magweedo break it down while looking over one nice piece of glass.

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SAY SOMETHING! 41 Responses so far

  1. hashstache 570 days ago

    bout to cop a nate dizzzzzzzzyyyyyy love the review!

  2. LloydChristmas 920 days ago

    Love the Swiss percs!!!

  3. Chubbs 1025 days ago

    @andyfibb: I've heard everything form zombie, to horse, to Seinfeld, etc.

  4. andyfibb 1025 days ago

    zombies fuckin chubbbs has any1 ever said u klinda look like 1 hahaha too much dabs just playin yo keep it real dudde u always talk about zombies tho funny ass shit

  5. PurpFace15 1049 days ago

    1st song name?

  6. smokee415 1074 days ago

    great review you guys as always. i appreciate all the info. quick question….in your guys opinion which piece hits better, the swiss perc or the mobius stereo matrix.

  7. PaulAnaconda 1242 days ago

    Son Of A BITCH!!! I See Ya’ Got A LoRd Bunny Dabber… To Ill.

  8. rean1611 1248 days ago

    lol canadian dab. chubbs totally looks like a bewildered dimitri martin in the 1st frame b4 the video plays haha

  9. dankheadies 1255 days ago

    good video guys! funny and informative

  10. molino 1256 days ago

    chubbs:what makes the swiss?
    magweedo:uhhhhh swiss cheese
    chubbs: ahhhhhhhh i gotcha