NUGGETRY TV Glass Review: Kettle Curve

Uploaded by magweedo in Glass, Reviews on Jan 20, 2012

This is what you get when you cross and oil dome with a vapor swing. It’s called the Kettle Curve and it’s awesome.

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SAY SOMETHING! 39 Responses so far

  1. Decayed 1256 days ago

    its probably toph filming, I think they all take turns filming each other unless its one of their dab sessions and then i think it just chillin on the tripod.

  2. borohead420 1257 days ago

    Get a dillinger drop top curve, i like them alot better.

  3. dieselkush 1258 days ago

    thats fuckin tight, ive never seen a “kettle curve” b4 i thought it was either domes,or swing…now theres both!! keep going with the biggie beats in the back..

  4. 1259 days ago

    sick pice even better if you have seen donnie darko. do you know if lord is out of jersy? cause i live on the east coast

  5. jakee1337 1259 days ago

    dope shit, respect to souls of mischief my jammm. Wish i could chill with you guys

  6. jps 1261 days ago

    so is there a seperate camera man? Does he hit the bong with you guys? Or is Toph filming….

  7. 1261 days ago

    def goin to try n get me one of those sweet piece magweedo

  8. dankheadies 1261 days ago

    does tds, magweedo and toph just live in socal now?

  9. Sutton 1261 days ago

    Hahahaha when you said canadian dab i realized i always dab left and from Victoria BC!

  10. BlazinAlberts 1261 days ago

    Im just shmokin some Jilly bean and enjoyn the videos, but gotta say please get some new beats for the videos, these are played out.